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A Little Life

29 Oct 2005

He was always wary about his health. His own priorities came first, most notably his physical strength and stamina. His diet was unimaginably controlled. A bowl of salad everyday to replenish his daily supply of vital nutrients, vitamins, roughage and what not. And exercise, oh exercise was all so important for him. A day without exercise was a day wasted, according to him. When everyone else was sleeping at 8:00 AM Saturdays, one could spot him reading books on how to maintain healthy nutrition and body fitness. His mornings began with an hour's jog around the Stanford campus. If there was anything he could do to keep himself physically fit, that'd be the first thing on his agenda. Even a susurrus around him about how he had gained some weight over the summer break was enough to get him on a week-long workout spree at the local gym. Biking, kayaking, rowing, jogging, kendo, track, swimming — he did everything. Not a single day went without one of these routine essentials. There was little time for fun, little time to enjoy the fine delicacies of life. All this for one petit reason: to keep himself physically fit. And to keep his BMI as perfect as it should be.

Then one fine day, as he was crossing a road, a container truck accidentally ran over him. He was killed quickly and quietly, on the spot. Those extra carrots during meal times didn't help too much. Nor did the Sunday morning weights and bench-presses.

A little life they say…a little life it is.

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