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Against Gmail Failures

01 Sep 2009

Recently Gmail went down for more than 5 minutes and the whole world watched it happen in astonishment. The last time I witnessed the whole world so stunned was when planes crashed into the Twin Towers back in 2001.

I was telling Shams today about how I have a very simple email strategy to protect against times when gmail is down. I pay $10/year for a simple, cheap POP mail account. This mail server rarely goes down because all it is is a simple email server. People send me email to the POP server, but I get it to forward all incoming email to gmail leaving a copy on the POP server. That way I get to use all the awesome features of gmail like spam protection and filters and labels, but I can still access my email through my POP account's webmail interface whenever gmail goes down.

This afternoon gmail went down and I was the only one who had access to email. Everyone else was either swearing, crying, or complaining.

Or madly spamming the F5 button.

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