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August is the month

01 Aug 2005

August, ever since a Mrs. D'Souza taught me the months of the year way back in Grade 1, has been my favorite month of the year. And that's definitely not for unaccountable reasons. In fact, if you dropped a just born baby girl in my arms and asked me to name her, you'd hear me muttering something that sounded strikingly like the eight month of the year.

But then, we all have our favorite months, don't we? It's not so much that you like the name of the month or the way the month sounds when it's pronounced, but more because of the kind of things you do and the variety of people you meet during the course of that month. If you happen to take a well-deserved vacation each year during the month of say, September for 8 consecutive years, I wouldn't be surprised if you said September was your favorite month. If you had a loving granddaughter who'd come to your place for her holidays each Christmas, December would naturally become your most sought month. But I have an added advantage when it comes to August. The word August itself is so melodious that is gives you a sense of satisfaction just by singing it out loud. Try doing it yourself. Right now. Prolong it for a good ten seconds. And soon enough, you aren't far away from a happiness unfelt.

I tried to recollect the various things I've engaged in over the last couple years during this wondrous month that is August. It's a long list, really. Keeping myself busy has always been my most treasured pastime, and in the seventeen months of August I've gone through, every event, every activity, and every happening has always stood testament to the fact (not that I remember all of them). If I did want to tell you a few things I've done, I'd mention only the irrelevant things. Just so you don't drop dead of jealously. Irrelevant things like Biology provincials, French final exams and frenzied packing preparing for emigration.

This year, however, is an exception. I see a dull, boring August coming up. My journal entry at the end of the month is going to be a short disappointment, no more than two lines, both of which will be incomplete fragments.

If you can help me add a little spice to this month, I will be most thankful. Anything totally wacky is fine by me.

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