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Awesome Profs at Waterloo

25 Sep 2009

I've been at Waterloo for about 4 years now and have taken exactly 38 courses here. There's a lot of bad profs out here, but there are also some remarkably outstanding ones I'd like to mention in particular. Keep in mind that I don't normally say a prof is good unless he's really good. Profs with double stars beside them are so good I'd take their courses just for the heck of it. That's really saying something about them.

Keep in mind profs that are good aren't necessarily always good at all courses they teach. But they were certainly good when they taught the course I took with them.

I've had some amazing TAs as well, but I unfortunately don't have a list of all their names to select the best. But two fantastic TAs that come to mind right away are Amir and Randy Fagan. I am sure there are more.

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