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31 Jul 2005

Why do men's shirts have buttons on the right side and women's shirts, buttons on the left side?

The reasons are many-fold:
  1. Because the designers couldn't figure out what the "wrong" side was, so they were forced to put the buttons on the only remaining side — the "left" side.
  2. Because the percent number of boys who are left-handed and wear shirts are greater than the percent number of girls who are right-handed and don't wear shirts.
  3. The designers figured that it wouldn't really matter, as once the shirts were buttoned up, they would all look the same — the buttons would be in the center.
  4. Girls had begun to complain as to how they couldn't button up their shirts and put on lipstick at the same time. So the designers decided to give them a break.
  5. The designer had the shirts aligned in the wrong direction — what was supposed to be on the left was on the right and vice versa.
  6. The tailor was mistakenly sitting on the wrong side of the sewing machine.
  7. The designers wanted to help out poor mothers a bit because they had begun to complain about how their son and daughter wore identical shirts and there was no easy way to say whose was whose.
  8. The designers wanted to introduce a new game in the coming Beijing Olympics — Who took the shortest time to button up the boy's buttons with girl's holes and the girl's buttons with boy's holes?
  9. And finally, designers have oh so totally lost their ability to think creatively, imaginatively and inventively.

Conclusion: A shirt is a shirt only if it has its buttons on the 'right' side.

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