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Dig Cam Perspectives Out!

13 Jul 2005

Yes! I finally got the collage up without ado. Super! Thanks to Picasa for creating the collage.

The collage consists of 86 random pictures taken with my Casio Exilm camera. Basically, I went through the hundreds of pictures in my ~/dig_cam folder and nit-picked every single photo I liked on first viewing. The pictures I like the most (in that order) are:

  1. A gaping Graeme (gG)
  2. A Graeme showing off a marker bought from the UBC bookstore
  3. A Brittney and an Annie — hands on each other's shoulders
  4. The gravel
  5. My home television — photo looks really cool when seen separately
  6. An oblivious Asia
  7. A light bulb in a cardboard box — Physics Group 4
  8. Director of Photography (not really a photo, but who cares)
  9. The Big 3 (Mr. Klassen, Mrs. Birsan and Mr. Krause)
  10. The Big 4 (not visible — Graeme, Manny, Tony and Luke)

If you want to do yourself a favour, visit the page with Firefox or any other Gecko-based browser such as MozNGW, Camino, K-Meleon (awesome replacement for Firefox), Epiphany, Galeon, DocZilla, and the likes.

Five points for those who can make the longest list of tags to index the collage. I may want to put it up on Fickr, for instance.

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