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Effects You Should Know

17 Aug 2009

There are a few real-world effects that I think everyone should be aware of. You may not know the exact names of the effects themselves, but knowing the effect itself is an absolute must. Of course, knowing the name of the effect would greatly help out in conversations because you could just say the name of the effect and the other person would know exactly which effect you're talking about, its assumptions, and its theory.

These effects are labeled "effects" not without good reason. They're labeled as such because there is no real theory behind them; they are simply observed phenomena. Consequently, it is impossible to truly understand an effect unless you've experienced them first-hand. My belief is that everyone over the age of 20 has experienced these effects in their lives at one point or the other, knowingly or otherwise.

Remember, each effect is a pattern that occurs again and again. And recognizing patterns are the single-most important key to solving bigger and difficult problems, especially the wicked kind.

And here I present the effects, in order of descending speed of retrieval from memory, that I believe are sufficiently important and recurring to warrant a name. This is a list of very useful abstractions I have compiled and distilled by reflecting and contemplating the happenings in my very own life.

So what patterns are you observing in your own life? What are some of the common effects you can propose general solutions to? How do you build on these abstractions to form even higher-order abstractions? These are the questions you should be asking yourself.

But whatever you do, you should remember that these are just effects, not solutions. You, and only you, can come up with the solutions.

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