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Height is elegance

02 Aug 2005

"To be tall is to be elegant," said our Indian forefathers (albeit not in English). It is to this intellectually inspiring aphorism that I dedicate today's entry.


He was only 5 feet 3 inches tall. When people asked him for his height, he would jokingly say "5 feet 3 inches short." People who didn't know him would laugh at his height. Some called him a dwarf gone bad. Others ridiculed him as a wanabee midget. He never really did care about those comments. But I knew it hurt him on the inside. And hurt it did.

One fine morning, I was astounded to hear he was the chief executive officer for a well known marketing company. People who knew him well called him a "tall fellow". Others stated it more subtly: "a fellow of tall order." I was puzzled. Tall? He? How?

I looked up his educational qualifications. I looked up his scholastic successes. I looked up his achievements. I looked up his marketing prowess in the business domain. I looked up his presentations. I looked up how well his family lived. I looked up how he treated his employees. I looked up his charitable personality. I looked up his intellectual superiority. I looked up his honesty, his civility, his respect for people both younger and older, his dedication, his admirable attitude. I looked up every single thing about him.

It was then when I realized, that at five feet three inches tall, he truly could stand on the shoulders of giants.

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