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Levels of Happiness

12 Aug 2005

Hi! My name is Rajesh and I am an ant. Not the pretty spotted white ant you see stealing sugar candies out of their jars, just a regular one with regular eyesight and regular hair and regular everything. No, I don't have my shirt tucked in. And no, I don't live in a pant. My favorite meals are dissected cockroaches and in the rare occasion, putrid grasshoppers. My only occupation is to look for food and my hobbies stretch an entire gamut ranging from sniffing to burping to belching to laying on my back to enjoying the sun.

Today, I wanted to engage in some first-hand intellectual work. So I decided to pen down the various levels of happiness an ant could possibly witness.

  1. To be glad
  2. To be happy
  3. To be elated
  4. To be excited, and finally
  5. To be euphoric

The scale is logarithmic for all intents and purposes. So the difference between being happy and glad is ten-fold, and so is the difference between being elated and excited.

But that's not the end of the story. You're right — I am now on the bleeding edge of my own scale. The tremors caused by my happiness today have been measured to be precisely 5.2 on the above Richter scale.

Simply put, I am happy because I made someone else happy.

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