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05 Jun 2005

Latex2PNG for PHP works!

$$ \frac{a_b}{c_d} $$

If I wanted to insert a math equation, I would type something like this: \$\$ \frac{a_b}{c_d} \$\$ Okay, This is just too cool. If I wanted to insert even more cool math code:

$$ x+y = z$$
$$ z+a = b$$
$$\therefore x+y+a=b$$

Some geek math code:


Cool, I can even incorporate PHP code within my documents. Like this:

function php_colorize($data) {
$lat[0] as $php) {
$data str_replace($phphighlight_string($phptrue), $data);

What's more, I can also include chemical equations! For example:


Latex2PNG is a PHP port of my brother's latex2png, originally written in LISP. The algorithm is the same, even if nasty, what with all the hard-coded LaTeX markup. The only difference I guess is the ability to pass the scaling factor within the equation itself. You can also "escape" from latex2png mode by escaping the dollar signs with back-slashes. I haven't cared to implement inline equations. I don't use them anyway. Note that the script uses some file-system functions, notably copy and unlink. Do not contact me if a few dear files of yours begin to disappear from your hard-drive.

You'll need PHP5 for the file_put_contents() function (which you can get from PEAR::Compat anyway).

Grab the source (while it's hot) here.

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