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Mysterious Amplifications

05 Feb 2007

He loved his parents beyond limits. He was their only son. He would do anything for them. Why, he'd even die for them. To him, his parents were everything. So much was his belief, so much was his trust, his confidence that it was because of them that he had gotten so far in life. The simple thought of a day without his parents was unbearable. He just couldn't fathom such a horrific life.

When his dad died, he could shed not one single drop of tear. He was aghast with disappointment. So many years, so much emotion. All those years of forming bonds out of pure love and trust — all gone in one split second. Yet, there was nothing he could do. He felt so despondent, so powerless. His dad, his loving dad, was gone for ever.

A month later, his mother too passed way. She simply couldn't bear the loss of her dear husband. But he, oh he, as much as he tried, couldn't cry one bit. The disappointment was over powering. The sadness was so powerful, he felt his heart would explode into shards if he didn't cry. He knew he could relieve himself of the grief if only he could shed some tears. Yet, there was nothing he could do.

One year after, his cat, his dear cat, developed a rare case of pulmonary pneumonia. One night, she put her paw on his knee, coughed twice, wheezed once, and then went away to find her quiet corner. Two minutes later, the cat was gone. It was a quiet yet swift death. The grief was overwhelming.

There was little to say.

Only cry.

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