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04 Jun 2005

John Burroughs said: "I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see."

Well, well. Aren't we happy to see each other again? Gosh, hasn't it been nearly a year and a quarter since I shut down my old blog? And thanks for remembering that I had asked you to check back in June. It is quite flattering, needless to say.

I've been possessed by a troubling question all through last week. DID WE EVEN HAVE AN APRIL AND A MAY THIS YEAR ?!? Seems that after March 31st, it all-of-a-sudden became June 1st. April was full of studying and revision, and May was full of exam sittings. Hopefully, this month will be more relaxed and a lot less packed.

Yeah, I had to sit fifteen exams and altogether, it was some twenty five hours of feverish exam writing. At the end of it all, I was almost on the throes of intellectual disfigurement. Some non-vital statistics I compiled for you:

03-May-05 : Mathematical Methods SL P1 — 100% DONE!
04-May-05 : Mathematical Methods SL P2 — 100% DONE!
04-May-05 : Chemistry HL P1            — 100% DONE!
04-May-05 : Chemistry HL P2            — 100% DONE!
05-May-05 : Chemistry HL P3            — 100% DONE!
05-May-05 : English A1 HL P1           — 100% DONE!
09-May-05 : English A1 HL P2           — 100% DONE!
10-May-05 : History of Europe HL P1    — 100% DONE!
10-May-05 : History of Europe HL P2    — 100% DONE!
11-May-05 : History of Europe HL P3    — 100% DONE!
18-May-05 : French B SL P1             — 100% DONE!
18-May-05 : French B SL P2             — 100% DONE!
19-May-05 : Physics HL P1              — 100% DONE!
19-May-05 : Physics HL P2              — 100% DONE!
20-May-05 : Physics HL P3              — 100% DONE!

On May 4th, my you-know-what had become as flat as a concrete plasterboard after nearly five and a quarter hours of exam writing. I couldn't think clearly for hours! All the suppleness I had carefully brought together over the years vanished, much to my dismay, in just a day. Wasn't fun at all, I tell you.

So yes, welcome to my new corner of the web. Here you will find much of what I find to be important to me and others.

There are going to be several pages in here and lots of stuff to mostly sit back and read; you'll need to find your way mostly. I'll come up with a site map page soon. I'm myself unsure of which things are where. Woe be to those who are organizational maestros (I've come across quite a few in the last half hour.)

I love this new vanilla design. I'll be building on it slowly as time passes. Most pages are rather clean and XHTML compliant. All beautification is done with external CSS stylesheets, and most pages should load up quickly. You won't find too many images and the colors are chosen to be easy-on-the-eye and readable from any computer (even handhelds).

Here are some things that might interest you:

  1. The links on the right.
  2. My writings and essays.
  3. My opinions on contemporary issues.
  4. Some new ideas that I come up with often.
  5. My contact information.
  6. About me, my philosophy and my status.
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