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15 Jul 2005

My Desk at Work

The possibilities of just being equipped with a camera and a digital image processor are simply endless — and the above image perfectly exemplifies the statement. The digital image processor I use is called ImageMagick and is freely available from http://www.imagemagick.org/

In a dire attempt to add some colour to this website and liven it up a shade, I have decided to go with some pictures and images like the one above. Sadly though, this one had to be B&W. Sometimes there's the exception of those nastily colourful "new" buttons that show up like full moons every now and then — watch out for them. What to say, I'm not a great fan of colours, as you could have guessed.

Someone remarked recently that this webpage of mine looks strikingly similar to a notebook. Well, of course! It is a notebook in case you haven't noticed! That was my intention in the first place when I commenced structuring the CSS from scratch. This way, I won't be placed too far from my dear notebooks, and can therefore save myself from any mental trauma that may arise due to a Severe Acute Absence-Of-Books Syndrome. All my books, save a fat calculus textbook reserved for casual bedtime reading, have been packed up for the summer, and I dream of a day …

I have a dream, that one day, I will be provided with the strength and fortitude of character, to open my books, and peruse them carefully, and not have to lend them to crazy gizmos, such as my closet locker.

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