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Waterloo Blues - Part II

14 Dec 2005

Disclaimer: Significant portions of this post were written while listening to unconventional western pop. The reader has been forewarned.

Now that exam week's almost coming to a close, I can't resist penning down my ideas and impressions that I've gathered over the last quarter of this small little place we'll call Waterloo.

So where did I leave you last time? Yes, I remember! I was telling you about how food never came to my hands anymore. Well, that still holds true today, but thanks be to whoever I owe it to, I no longer find the task as plodding as I used to find it back when I first came here. In fact, there is more to this than what crosses the mind. I've had to get adjusted to a whole host of things that at one point appeared to me as ridiculously unconventional. Call me narcissistic, but I don't understand this whole concept of "studying" before a final exam. In the past, I've always been subjected to such arcane amounts of review, number-crunching and practice that come exam time, I would rarely find myself needing to hit the books, unless of course the occasion presents itself to clear the infinitesimally small doubt that unforgettingly arises every once in a while. I guess that's the way university works then: they expect you to go fight wars without the slightest training. The training and preparation, in theory then, is left as an option for the interested to pursue.


This morning, I slept through my alarm clock. That was the extent of my fatigue. Take this seriously, my alarm clock, although ordinary looking on the outside, is no bouncy charlatan. It's one of those heavy duty ones that sound like a humongous hundred thousand ton truck backing up for parking. Sleeping though one of these is no ordinary feat. But I did manage to wake up at around 8:00 AM thanks to my internal biological clock, all cozy and comfy, when I realized, quite casually if I may add, that I had an examination to attend to at precisely 9:00 AM. That was when the coziness turned into a mild haziness…

After the chemistry exam was over, I was taken in by an unenlightening stupor. I rushed home, had lunch, shaved, took a shower and quickly got ready to leave. Showers are the only cure to all ailments, including mid-afternoon stupors.


Sat Dec 17 2005 02:42 AM

As we speak, I'm aboard a plane from Toronto to Vancouver. Right now, I'm somewhere in the whereabouts of 39,455 feet above Kamloops, heading straight towards the beatuiful city of Vancouver. I'd have loved to click a few photographs here and there through my window to present to you, but I don't reckon there'd be anything of particular interest on the other side of the window, especially at this time of the day. I steal a quick peek and I notice everyone but me is fast asleep. This is exciting. I'm the only strange guy with a blazingly bright light and a moderately modest laptop over and in front of me respectively. What a day, what a day.

I'm going to go wash my face right now. The captain just radioed us. Apparently, we're about to land in about ten minutes. The pretty stewardess said she would really appreciate it if I tucked my laptop beneath the seat. This is my second, and admittedly, last reminder. My teasing mind couldn't help but wonder what she might do to me if I chanced to disobey her commands…

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