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What Fall '09 Has In Store For Me

02 Sep 2009

In the spirit of self-improvement and the onset of the month of September, I've decided to revamp my life and try something completely new. A Rajesh 2.0 if you will. Astute readers will notice I started this new posterous blog on September 1 not without good reason.

I've spent 8 months thinking about this solidly, encountering first-hand, people who do this sort of stuff day-in and day-out. I've also read hundreds of blog entries and essays by other students (or ex-students) who do this kind of challenging academic stuff again and again successfully. Finally, I feel I'm ready to take the plunge into some more exciting challenges!

Fall '09, which is 4A in Waterloo speak, looks like it's going to be even tougher than Spring '08, and that too by quite a far shot. So what does Fall '09 have in store for me?

So it seems like I'll be needing some real ninja skills to pull this term off without regret. It'll also be the first time I'll be living off-campus during an academic term. This has a huge impact on my productivity. And finally, I'll be working out of a tiny room that has no natural light whatsoever. This will be a huge hit to my productivity during weekend mornings which happen to be my most efficient working time because of the availability of contiguous blocks of free time and the availability of natural lighting.

So what does this mean for me?

And as usual, expect a post-mortem of the term at the end of December. It's going to be an interesting one I think!

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